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Temper is a top of the line environmentally friendly heat transfer fluid used in a wide range of refrigeration applications. The ready-mixed and nontoxic organic salt solution is readily biodegradable and combined with an effective corrosion inhibitor package. The thermal properties make Temper an excellent choice for a wide range of refrigeration applications, especially in industrial and food refrigeration industries. The product is available in seven different versions from -10°C down to -60°C.

Temper is chemically stable and will not degrade in time, has a high specific heat capacity and outstanding thermal conductivity, especially compared with propylene glycol. It is therefore classified as non-hazardous to health and the environment and does not contain any amines, nitrites or phosphates.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Nontoxic
  • Low viscosity
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low freezing points
  • Chemically stable
  • Reduced installation and energy costs
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Adapted for the food industry
  • Advanced inhibitor technology
  • Personalised technical support

Areas of use, industries and installations

Temper can be used wherever a liquid Heat Transfer Fluid is required in indirect cooling, stationary or mobile installations.

Physical Properties
Densitykg / m310861114111421177120712401260
Specific heatKG/kg • K3,5773,4473,3153,1243,0122,8172,820
Thermal conductivityW/m • K0,5440,5250,5080,4860,4650,4410,440
Dynamic viscositymPa • s1,481,621,792,172,764,064,28
Kinematic viscocitymm²/s1,371,451,571,842,293,323,40
Measurements are performed @ +20 °C
Thermal Properties Calculator

The main part of cooling and freezing is within food applications. MPG or 1,2-MonoPropylene Glycol is perhaps the most commonly used heat transfer fluid in those applications. Comparison between Temper and MPG has been done from freezing point of -40°C to -10°C. Below -40°C the viscosity of MPG gets too high for practical use. Already @ -30°C, the viscosity is so high that the centrifugal pumps barely can be used. A thumb rule is that at kinematic viscosity above 300 cSt, centrifugal pumps cannot be used. Other types of pumps are very expensive and inefficient. The calculations (Reynolds number, pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient) are made for circular tubes.


Temper’s excellent fluid properties in terms of viscosity, specific heat and thermal conductivity make it the ideal choice as Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) at very low temperatures. The fluid properties not only enable users to use smaller pumps and heat exchangers but also significantly reduce total energy consumption. This applies especially at very low temperatures, as seen in the below comparison between Temper and Glycol.

Kinematic Viscosity of Temper and Glycol

Corrosion Protection

Temper is a high-quality product based on potassium salts with an optimal concentration of corrosion inhibitors. The optimal corrosion package creates, and only when necessary, a local temporary and very thin protective layer with a minimal (mono-molecular) thickness at the metal surface. This allows very good heat transfer.

To quantify the corrosion protection efficiency, different corrosion tests are used. Temper Technology has chosen the ASTM D1384 test, which is the most frequent used among heat transfer fluids. Figures in the table represent the change in weight before and after the test.



Temper is readily biodegradable, nontoxic and non-flammable and does not contain nitrites, borates, phosphates, molybdates or silicates.

The freezing point depression substances in Temper contains mainly potassium acetate, which is used as food preservative and is more environmentally friendly than many of its counterparts. The properties of potassium acetate ensure it is less corrosive, has a lower toxicity level to fish, mammals and vegetation, meaning environmental impact is minimal.

Nontoxic to mammals
LD50 (oral, rat) > 5000mg/kg
Not acute toxic
Non-toxic to aquatic animals
OECD TG 203: LC50/96 = 13 900mg/l
Readily biodegradable
OECD 301A: 99 % after 28 days
Do not bio-accumulate



Temper is supplied in the following packaging, as well as bulk deliveries for larger volumes;

  • 25L blue canister made of PE with sealed cap, the canister’s weight is 1,2kg.
  • 208L blue barrel made of PE, with a sealed cap, the barrel’s weight is 9kg.
  • 1000 L non-translucent IBC, the IBC weight is 70kg. Outlet valve NW50

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