Fire Protection

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Temper S

Temper S is a high quality antifreeze specially adapted, for fire protection and for areas subjected to frost with a freeze protection down to -55°C. The product enables immediate suppression of fire and is completely glycol free.

Temper S is readily biodegradable where 97 % of the fluid will be consumed after 7 days in comparison to glycol-based antifreeze fluids where the biodegradability is only 70-85 % after 28 days. Temper S can be used in both sprinkler and water mist systems (high and low pressure).

Key advantages at a glance

  • Immediate and effective suppression of fire
  • Non-toxic
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Glycol Free
  • Low freezing point
  • Chemically stable
  • Can be used for both low and high pressure systems
  • Supplied ready-mixed
  • Specially adapted for areas subjected to frost
  • Protection down to -55°C
Temper S - Fire Protection

Areas of use, industries and installations

Temper S is often used due to its high efficiency and its immediacy in the suppression of fire. It is also the ideal choice when areas subjected to frost need need to protected, as it can be used down to -55°C. Using Temper S eliminates the need for costly heat tracing systems or dry pipe systems where high maintenance costs and time delays are big setbacks.

Physical Properties
Densitykg / ㎥108111121142118212101245
Dynamic viscositymPa • s1,501,732,162,402,903,80
Kinematic viscositymm²/s1, 391,591,892,032,403,05
Measurements are performed @ +20 °C

Temper S significantly lowers the heat release rate, whereas other antifreeze fluids, like glycol, may do the opposite. Due to the salts in the fluid, Temper S suppresses the fire source more efficiently than other antifreeze fluids, including water. The effectiveness of Temper S enables the use of a lower amount of water, and therefore the potential water damage is reduced.

In the SP report 1999:08 different types of antifreeze, such as glycol and calcium-chloride products as well as Temper S, was tested for fire suppression efficiency – “The other antifreeze solutions tested resulted in a significant increase in heat release rate of the fire source. In some cases the energy released under the ten-minute period of application was 1,5-2 times higher than that found when pure water was used.”

The graphs below demonstrate the results from SP report P00 7275 of the heat release rate when suppressing a fire with Temper S and water.


Total and convective heat release rate when using Temper S

Corrosion Protection

Temper S is a high-quality product based on potassium salts with an optimal concentration of corrosion inhibitors. The optimal corrosion package creates, and only when necessary, a local temporary and very thin protective layer with a minimal (monomolecular) thickness at the metal surface.


Temper S is an environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable, nontoxic and non-combustible antifreeze which exceeds existing industry ecological requirements. 97% of the Temper S fluid will after 7 days be biodegraded in comparison to glycol-based antifreeze fluids where the biodegradability is only 70-85 % after 28 days.

The freezing depression substances in Temper S contains mainly of potassium acetate which is used as food preservative.

Non-toxic to mammals
LD50 (oral, rat) > 5000 mg/kg
Not acute toxic
Non-toxic to aquatic animals
OECD TG 203: LC50/96 = 13 900mg/l
Readily biodegradable
OECD 301A: 99 % after 28 days
Do not bio-accumulate

We have packaging for every demand – from smaller 25L cans to larger volumes in bulk deliveries.

Store Temper S in unopened original containers not below its freezing point, in a dry place and out of direct sunlight. When transporting Temper S, there are no restriction since the product is not classified.

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